• disKNEKT

      |diske'nekt| defined.

      VERB: to interrupt, pause, & create space for new

      RESULTS: perspective, healing, growth, momentum, actualized goals & dreams

    • tailored meditations.

      healing prayer, prayer, guided meditation, transcendental meditation, meditation music, personal coaching, life coach, hypnosis, virtual reality, tony robbins, mindfulness

      what we're all about

      disKNEKT is a startup platform supporting you in having your dreams actualized. We offer a healing touch through meditation that is customized and powerfully blessed, just for you.


      Let go of the recurring old debilitating thoughts and negative habits that are keeping you from actualizing the life that you desire and dream of.


      We are a meditation, prayer request, hypnosis, and life-coach-in-your-pocket type of solution. We believe that when your meditations are modified to your needs, magical results unfold with greater magnitude.



      increased happiness & joy, weight loss, slow aging, performance, love, sleeping, concentration, wealth, obstacles, emotional balance, cravings, creativity, and so much more!

    • meditation app, hypnosis, guided meditation, meditation music,  cancer treatment

      app coming soon!

    • how it works.

      stress relief, help, support, what is cancer, spiritual healing, disease, christian life coaching



      Answer a couple questions for us to tailor your healing meditation.

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      Follow the tailored prescription instructions for your prayer meditations.

      how to heal myself, wounds, sexual healing, alternative methods, benefits of meditation, god, universal energy



      Continue feeling the tingling magical experience from listening to your meditations and progress as you start a beautiful journey transforming your life to align to your dreams and desires.


    • request your disKNEKTION.

    • Erin, Little Colorado Wife

      "I experienced clear changes within myself (my thoughts, my emotions, my ‘vices’), as well as my interactions with the world (my view of reality, my reactions toward external events, etc)." See a her whole write-up on diKNEKT at her BLOG HERE.

      Yokah, Real Estate

      "disKNEKT has opened me up to trusting myself and others, to standing up for myself worth, and speaking my truth with healthy boundaries."

      Darling, Accounting Consultant

      "disKNEKT encouraged me to pursue my dreams NOW, vs down the road. Within a week, I was in the process of living my dream."

      Thomson, Pharmaceutical Sales

      "disKNEKT allows me to navigate tough times when I'm having blockages preventing me from moving forward with various obstacles."

      Camper, President

      "disKNEKT is truly a driving force in everything I do."

      Scott, Chiropractor

      "disKNEKT has shifted the way I go about relationships, where I have more discernment about how I attract connection. I used to attract people that weren't in my highest and best good. Now I have more self worth, and have shifted the way I go about learning my lessons. Lessons used to be difficult, but now I have found them to be easy and find the fun in lessons. I continue to use disKNEKT again and again."

      Rosenfeld, Advisor

      "disKNEKT is an example of manifestation and has shown me how to create and manifest in my own life."

      Beh, Film Maker

      "disKNEKT is magical and always makes sure to coach into my highest self and vision to acquire with ease."

      Akram, Sales Analyst

      "disKNEKT has a power. Somehow every time I listen, I am motivated and inspired. It's like a fresh start each day."

      Warren, Actor

      "Wow. I would pay $1000 for this experience. Amazing thank you!!!"

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